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Deep-linking is sometimes used on PCS to refer readers to particular articles or topics of interest on another site; however, PCS visitors are encouraged to visit those sites' Home Pages and review the "Terms of Use" of any sites linked to from within PCS. PCS will not deep-link to media files, photos, or direct download URLs. PCS will not use frames, inlining, or in any way attempt to present the contents of other sites as PCS' own original content. PCS will not use deep links to point to subscription-based or single-use materials for which the reader would otherwise be charged a fee.

Comments in the Business Bozos column relate to one consumer's specific experience(s) with a particular company and its agents at the location named and are used as an educational tool to inform the public of examples of poor customer service or poor management skills in business. Responses from subjects of the column are welcomed, but may or may not be printed on this site. If a company appearing in a Business Bozos column disputes a factual claim made within the column and notifies the webmaster at the e-mail address indicated on this page, then the claim will be investigated, and corrections will be made to the page if an error is found to exist.


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