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PCS reveals sources here for local scandal, political back-stabbing, investigative reporting, independent journalism, and area arts events. Find out the dirt on the Dallas mayor and the city council. Plus, if you're into activism, you can check out sites that'll give you a chance to get into some rabble-rousing.
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Pork in the budget
Dallas Observer - Local free newspaper that deals with city politics, stories the Dallas Morning News refuses to cover (or wants to cover up!), plus local bands, the arts, humor, and more. There's also an extensive personal ads section. Available free at most area bookstores.
Blue sky
Downwinders At Risk - Tired of dirty air and all those "Ozone Alert" days that never seem to go away? Check out this site to find out ways to prod public officials into making the state cleaner.
Fat cat
Fort Worth Weekly - Fort Worth version of the Dallas Observer, covering city scandals and politics, area music, restaurants, arts, film, and the best places to spend your free time in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Free at local bookstores.
Texas outline
Texas Observer - Wanna know about scandals and politics in the Lone Star State? This monthly magazine covers it all from a liberal perspective (and that's what matters, right? <g>)
Texas Tenant Advisor - Can't get the slumlord to turn on the air conditioning in the heat of summer, or is your next door neighbor so noisy you want to tan his hide? This site tells you about your rights as a tenant and what you can do to protect those rights. Read up!