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There's more to gay culture and life than just looking at buff guys in the latest issue of "Honcho" or twinks in "Blueboy." This PCS section brings together gay and lesbian news magazines, e-zines on gay fashion and the arts, and sources of political info about the GLBT world.
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Adelante - Great magazine for the gay Latino set, they have advice columns, interviews, info on the arts, news, cover model photos, and more! Find out about the Latino scene and the folks in it, or discover how to get involved in your community. Some articles are in English; others are in Spanish.
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The Advocate - A terrific monthly gay and lesbian news magazine which also covers the arts. Credible, accurate, and always interesting. Online site has daily updates.
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Queerty - Some folks seem to think that being gay is just about sex. Nay, I say! This site has stories on gay-themed TV, campus life, outings, crime, health, advice for the bedroom, politics, blind items, gay marriage, comedy, survey results, and every other topic under the sun. Updated daily.
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Towleroad - In a world of madness, gay people can find out about travel, theatre, music, film, sports, and politics from a gay angle. Find scandal, nutiness on Fox News, a diverse collection of photos of yummy models, and ways to take care of your body and mind.