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Sometimes you want to stimulate your mind; sometimes you want to stimulate something else. PCS' "Plain Brown Wrapper" section highlights places to find erotic gay fiction, adult films, and naughty pix. Some of it's NSFW, so save it for your private time at home!
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Directories of Web sites with hot guy pix and other naughty fun:

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Free hot guy pix at these Web sites:

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Fleshbot - An eye into the smutty word of gay adult entertainment, with photos and videos of everything you want to see and more. See celebrity photos, amateur pix, and editorials, and listen to podcasts with all the salacious details. Note: If your state has a law that requires age-verification for adult sites (which currently means Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia), then this will redirect to Google; you'll have to use a VPN to access it that has an access point outside of these states.Advisory
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Nifty Archive - Hundreds of hot stories in a variety of gay categories for your <ahem!> reading pleasure, in categories like Adult Friends, Athletics, Camping, College, First Time, High School, Military, and more. Also has some weirder categories for you types with unusual tastes.