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"I don't watch much TV." Maybe you just don't know what's on that's worth watching! That's why PCS has separated the wheat from the chaff and revealed sites that are shrines to truly original TV. (None of that awful "Touched By an Angel" stuff, either.) So, quit wasting your time watching sappy dreck, and change the channel to something better!
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Bill Clinton
Cheaters - Ever suspected that your boyfriend or wife is unfaithful to you? This syndicated TV show tapes those cheaters in the act along with the catfight that erupts when the evidence appears. Meow! Reruns air on The Roku Channel, Amazon Prime, and Pluto TV. New season coming soon!
Cast of Designing Women
Designing Women Online - Catch episode summaries, guides to the characters, wacky quotes and more from a site dedicated to America's wittiest sitcom that tackled political issues, the craziness of Aunt Bernice, divorce, dating, the exploits of former beauty queen Suzanne, and a huge pet pig named Noelle. Reruns air on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Pluto TV.
Farmer and wife
Green Acres - Join lawyer Oliver Wendall Douglas and socialite wife Lisa as they are mysteriously transported from a plush, New York penthouse into rural Hooterville and meet up with huckster Mr. Haney, popular pig Arnold Ziffel, and more! Reruns air on Pluto TV and The Roku Channel.
Intervention - Watch families fall apart amidst the downfalls of drug and alcohol addiction, gambling, obsessive & compulsive behavior, sexual addiction, and suicide in this heartbreaking, popular, real-life program that shows the addicts' horrific actions and provides them a chance for recovery. New episodes air on A&E; reruns air on Netflix, tubi, and The Roku Channel.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Four pals (with Danny DeVito) run Philadelphia's least successful bar while dealing with definitely non-PC topics like selling babies, selling tickets to view Virgin Mary water stains, exploiting welfare, pooping in bed, inbred relatives, and becoming hustlers in this long-running series. New episodes air on FXX; reruns air on Hulu.
Man in jail
Reno 911! - There's nothing quite like watching police chasing a nekkid, drunk old man through the streets as he moons the neighborhood—now, that's entertainment! So, if you love COPS, you'll be positively giddy over this wacked-out TV parody. Reruns air on Paramount+ with a subscription.
South Park - Join four twisted kids on a cartoon journey through the bizarre world of South Park, Colorado, which includes the buttal journeys of a gerbil, Christmas in Iraq, evil J. Lo, veal horrors, and that annoying Jared guy from the Subway commercials. New episodes air on HBO Max; selected reruns available on the South Park website.