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When I'm not listening to William Shatner crooning "Mr. Tambourine Man," my tastes turn to techno, Eurodance, and ABBA. At least, that's what I tell people. PopCultureShack.com's collection of fave music reveals my dark secret—I like the same pop music listened to by 12-year-old girls. (I don't doodle guys' names on my notebook, make jewelry, or own an Easy-Bake Oven, tho'.)
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Ola Svensson
Bands/artists with cute guys whose music I like:

*Alexander Rybak
*Backstreet Boys

*Bodies Without Organs (BWO)
*Danny Saucedo
[page is written in Swedish, but music videos are in English]
*Eric Saade
[page is written in Swedish, but music videos are in English]
*Le Kid
*Ola Svensson
*One Direction
*Take That
*Union J
Jesse McCartney
Bands with cute guys whose music isn't my thing, but you might like 'em:

*Jesse McCartney
*Justin Bieber
*Stevie Brock
FM radio
Digitally Imported Radio - If you're a fan of Eurodance, House, Techno, or Trance, then you simply gotta try out Digitally Imported Radio's 35 free music feeds, hosted by several DJ's and running 24/7. I can listen to 'em all day and never get bored! (Even better quality sound is available for a low monthly fee.)
Guys dancing
Eurodance Hits - Get all the latest news on Europe's hottest dance music of the past and present, plus video clips, online remixes, and links to the region's top dance music companies.
Soft drink can
Popjustice - This wicked site on boy bands, other pop music, and other items of semi-cultural merit proves that the British can actually be funny. (Who knew???) All the best trash on American Idol, Europop goings-on, pop-world has-beens, and more!
ABBA photo
Some other fave pop music:

*Belinda Carlisle
*Pet Shop Boys
*Savage Garden
*Tangerine Dream