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When I'm not listening to William Shatner crooning "Mr. Tambourine Man," my tastes turn to techno, Eurodance, and ABBA. At least, that's what I tell people. PCS' collection of fave music reveals my dark secret—I like the same pop music listened to by 12-year-old girls.
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Ola Svensson
Bands/artists with cute guys whose music I like:

*5 Seconds of Summer
*Backstreet Boys

*BWO (Bodies Without Organs)
*Danny Saucedo
[page is written in Swedish, but music videos are in English]
*Eric Saade
[page is written in Swedish, but music videos are in English]
*Ola Svensson
*One Direction
*Take That
*Union J
Jesse McCartney
Bands with cute guys whose music isn't my thing, but you might like 'em:

*Jesse McCartney
*Justin Bieber
*Stevie Brock
FM radio
Digitally Imported Radio - If you're a fan of Eurodance, House, Techno, or Trance, then you simply gotta try out Digitally Imported Radio's 35 free music feeds, hosted by several DJ's and running 24/7. I can listen to 'em all day and never get bored! (Even better quality sound is available for a low monthly fee.)
Soft drink can
Popjustice - This wicked site on boy bands, other pop music, and other items of semi-cultural merit proves that the British can actually be funny. (Who knew???) All the best trash on American Idol, Europop goings-on, pop-world has-beens, and more!
ABBA photo
Some other fave pop music:

*Belinda Carlisle
*Pet Shop Boys
*Savage Garden
*Tangerine Dream