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Here, for your perusal, are details on the films that somehow keep getting skipped over for Oscars—the sleazy, the smutty, the truly dreadful—you know, the good stuff. Find out what you've been missing, look up details on fave flicks, & get the scoop on sex and violence from fundamentalists who've had enough.
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Adult Video News - News about the adult video industry, plus reviews and ratings of films. Catch all the latest gossip about straight and gay adult film stars here, plus background on other related topics like the Mafia's connection to the industry, filming, history of adult films, and more!Advisory
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ChildCare Action Project - Films seem to promise so much, but do they really deliver the sex and violence you forked over ten bucks for? CAP's Christian film reviews wade through the delightful filth to let you know what you're really getting (as well as the stuff you'd rather avoid)!
Internet Movie Database - Unbelievably useful Web site with info on more than 500,000 flicks and 98,000 TV series. Get info on new releases, and find reviews, plot summaries, search by actor, keyword, title, and more!
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Reviews, pix, news, and video clips from horror films and awful flicks:

*Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension
*Joe Bob Briggs
*Stomp Tokyo
Russ Meyer Films - Catch Meyer's cheesy sex comedies, each a morality tale, complete with a cast of large-bosomed women, ludicrous dialogue, violence, overacting, lots of sex, and drugs. Enjoy lines such as, "In Hell you'll see me, and we're both better than even money to make it!"
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The Cinema of Radley Metzger (a.k.a. Henry Paris) - 1960s, 70s, and 80s grindhouse viewers were tempted and teased by the revolutionary, sometimes-artsy, sometimes-cheesy, and always-sexually-liberated adult flicks of Radley Metzger, which offered flesh and lurid tales of sexual awakening, mate-swapping, same-sex exploration, and other sins. Find out more!
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Troma Pictures - Creator and distributor of horror and sleazoid flicks that are always over-the-top—you can't hope for more. Enjoy films like Teenage Catgirls in Heat, Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator, and Rabid Grannies! Each one's introduced by owner Lloyd Kaufman—often accompanied by a bevy of curvy babes in bikinis (for educational purposes, of course!)