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Greedy TV Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and his hourly rent-a-date may be history ("I have SINNED!!"), but religious hucksterism in the name of profit lives on.'s section on religion helps you figure out which religions are legit, which ones'll send you to Hell, and which ones'll just take your money and run.
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Satan Inside
Adult Christianity - Wry humor and examination of religions from a critical perspective. Probably not best viewed by the easily-offended Church Ladies' League.
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Betty Bowers: America's Best Christian and Landover Baptist Church - Between the Satanists and Liberals and Homosexuals (who are all the same, right? <g>), it's a wonder that the whole world hasn't gone to Hell in these send-ups of right-wing churches and their nutty politics.
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Chick Publications and Jack Chick's Checklist of Tracts - As one e-zine puts it, "It's a world of evil homosexuals and wealthy Buddhists, holy assassins and dead little kids." Yep, it's Jack Chick's Christian comics, and now you can read 'em on the Web free and read critical reviews of them for even more fun!
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Dial-the-Truth Ministries and False Doctrines - Christian investigations of popular evangelists, evil Catholics (and the people who love them), and Britney's perversity. Plus, enjoy actual sounds from Hell, and discover more gospel truths!
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FactNet and Operation Clambake - Battle the Church of Scientology by exposing the weird religion that employs 5,000 spies, infiltrates government agencies, believes that tomatoes have feelings, and charges people thousands of dollars to reveal that space aliens control our emotions. Freaky!