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There actually is a limit to the number of people you can laugh at for having bad hair or wearing "that awful dress." It's in these severe times of need that you can turn to's selection of humor sites, for yuks for the faux-intellectual crowd and those embittered by life. Just don't complain if you wind up getting hurt!
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Sick guy
Gallery of Regrettable Food - Remember that Mikey kid from the Life cereal commercials and how "He'll eat anything?" Guess what—even he wouldn't eat the hideous foods depicted in this gallery—nasty recipes from the '40s, '50s, and '60s, in glowing, florescent colors which sound awful and look worse. Fish fillets made with 7-UP, anyone?
Horrible singer
Incorrect Music and Irwin Chusid's Radio Show - You won't realize how incomplete your life was until you get a gander at these two sites, dedicated to the worst and most bizarre music, from awful elementary school bands to top hits re-recorded by amateurs in their garage to celebrities who knew how to act but not how to sing.
The Onion - Crazy parody of newspaper stories, published weekly in case you don't get enough real news in life!