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If your best entertainment option seems a choice between pulling the wings off flies or viewing reruns of "America's Funniest Home Videos," PCS' section on the truly strange is the ticket. Whether you want scandal, tales of UFO abductions, or a glance at some medical experiment gone wrong, there's something here for the whole family!
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419 Eater - Tired of all of those e-mails you get from someone you don't know who says they want to give you a lot of money? Or e-mails that promise big payoffs if you cash a check for them first? These are known as 419 scams, and the folks at this site want to see those scammers pay dearly—with time and money. Read how the avengers humorously string the scammers along, only to turn the tables in the end!
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Snopes.com - Discover a world of trivia about everything under the sun, along with rumors and their truthfulness. This site tells about sales scams, identity theft, lovers who got revenge, science truths and fictions, political rumors, religious happenings (or not), embarrassing wackiness, information about what'll kill you, and so much more!
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The Smoking Gun - Catch fun mugshot photos of your favorite (or least favorite) celebs from their debut in the hoosegow, plus get a chance to dig in their trash and uncover scandalous court documents on their run-ins with the law—from Michael Jackson's bedroom escapades to Winona Ryder's drug-tinged hijinks!
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TMZ.com - Want the latest gossip and scandal on celebrities and infamous folks? Look no further than TMZ, which has the hottest stories, horrific photos of celebs at their worst, and the most salacious details. Watch out National Enquirer—there's a new competitor in town! Also check your local stations for the TMZ TV show.