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Endless wars. Illegal, warrantless surveillance. Torture. Signing statements. Slashed domestic programs. Secrecy. Wall Street bailouts. Environmental catastrophes. Nutty Republicans have combined efforts with Blue Dog Democrats to take America on a disastrous course. Read more here....
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GOP elephant
Huffington Post - Charming and wry columnist Arianna Huffington, a former darling of the Republican Party who now describes herself as a "progressive populist," tackles seedy politicians and corporate evildoers in her quest for American justice.
Man with nose that's growing
Jim Hightower - Liberal syndicated columnist who deals with political issues in hilarious columns a few times weekly. There's also a particular emphasis on Texas politics.
Bleeding heart
The Nation - Truly liberal political magazine (established in 1865) filled with in-depth political news and exposes, comics, biting and witty editorials, and news on books and the arts.
Running GOP elephant
This Modern World - Tom Tomorrow presents a weekly political cartoon that bites at the heels of Republicans, Big Business, bigots, people who don't think for themselves, and anyone else in his sights—they're all fair game.
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